DeFi. Deflationary. Staking.

Every transaction burns tokens and if you stake, you earn half of what is burned in proportion to what you have staked.

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Key Features of MYX Network

Every address-to-address transactions reduces the total supply of the token at a rate of 5%.

As $MYX burns, there will be less tokens in circulation, increasing the price of each remaining token.

When you stake, half of the burned tokens are distributed to you in proportion to the amount of tokens you have staked.

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization will give token holders the ability to vote on the direction of the project and receive incentives.

MYX focuses on incentivizing tokens holders to participate in the DAO via staking and other vital communal functions. Every token transfer adds funds to the DAO which is then distributed proportionately to stakers.

Periodic airdrops will be completed over a series of weeks for MYX holders who have staked their tokens.

MYX Network

  • 1
    Max Supply

    1 Billion tokens will be the max supply. No more tokens are minted, they are only burned.

  • 2
    Total Supply

    100 Million tokens will be the total supply at the end of the deflationary stage.

  • 3
    5% Burn Ration

    Every token transaction results in a 5% burn. These tokens are deleted, removed from the circulating and total supply.

  • 4
    2.5% Staking Rewards

    When ANY user stakes, 2.5% of the 5% burned tokens, is distributed in rewards proportionately to each users based on their staked amount.


Users who stake will qualify to receive DAO rewards. This incentive based system promote staking, reduces the amount of tokens in circulation and rewards users for their participation. Token holders will be able to vote using MYX on important advancements and platform progression. Decentralized voting will be vital to the overall health of the community and platform. The MYX DAO will also serve as a investment fund for external projects. This means that MYX can be used to help with initial start-up projects.

MYX dApps

MYX Network has a functioning dApp built into the token smart contract, which is the Staking mechanism. Aside from that, two other dApps will be officially released by the MYX team which will include a hourglass staking system and a PvP DeFi dApp. Developers are also welcome to integrate MYX into their own applications or build custom ones.

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MYX Network
Token Allocation

  • Public Holders

    680 Million MYX Tokens have been distributed to token holders. This represents 68% of the Max Supply.

  • DAO Fund

    50 Million MYX Tokens will be allocated and staked for the initial DAO fund. This represents 5% of the Max Supply.

  • Uniswap Liquidity Pool

    170 Million MYX Tokens will fund the Uniswap Liquidity Pool. The Liquidity Pool tokens will be locked immediately upon Uniswap listing.

  • Marketing and Team Fund

    50 Million Team tokens (5%) are locked for 300 days. 50 Million Marketing tokens (5%) are liquid to help market the project.

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DeFi, which is a shorten version for decentralized finance, means that traditional financial mechanisms are recreated in a decentralized format. These decentralized structures are out of the grasp of companies and governments. MYX uses a combination of deflation and staking as its primary DeFi functionality. Deflation is a decrease in the general price level and circulation of the token. Staking represents the compounding and interest gained from taking tokens out of circulation and storing them to gain a percentage rate.
The DAO makes MYX Network a decentralized organization. It gives ALL members of the DAO voting rights and incentives to utilize those voting rights. These votes are used to unlock funds, determine the direction of the project or suggest changes to the current structure. The investor aspect of the DAO allows users to determine which projects the organization would invest in and how much of those funds should be invested. More about the Investor DAO will be explained in the coming Litepaper.
MYX Network is not just another run of the mill deflationary/staking project. The goal is to have MYX used as a digital asset and to be accepted as a form of cryptocurrency payment. Deflation and staking both end once 90% of the MAX supply is burned. This means that 100 Million MYX Network Tokens will be left.